Andrew Whisenhunt joined the Lafayette County Farm Bureau in 1955 and has continued his connection with Farm Bureau organizations, culminating with his election as president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation in 1986. Before that, he was secretary-treasurer for 10 years and a member of the state board beginning in 1968. He was elected to the board of directors of the American Farm Bureau Federation and represented the 13 states of the Southern Region on the AFBF Executive Committee. During his presidency, Arkansas Farm Bureau grew in membership from 121,000 to more than 205,000, as well as growing in prestige and influence among agriculture organizations and in the eyes of the Arkansas Public. Mr. Whisenhunt was a member of the board and vice president of Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Company, and served as president of Arkansas Farm Bureau Mutual Company. A charter member, he served on the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board until 1987. He was president of the American Soybean Development Foundation and was in the Soybean Advisory divisions of both the Arkansas and American Farm Bureaus. He was also on the Executive Committee of the American Soybean Association. Mr. Whisenhunt’s state and national positions have not kept him out of the affairs of his community. He served his local school board for 26 years, as well as serving the Long Prairie Levee & Drainage Board. Andrew and his wife Polly were named “Arkansas Farm Family in 1970,” and he was selected the “1984 Man of the Year in Arkansas Agriculture” by Progressive Farmer Magazine.