Donald Oliver Donald Oliver farmed all of his adult life, with the exception of two years he served in the U.S. navy during World War II. In the 1950s he helped design and build one of the first articulated 4-wheel drive tractors in America. Mr. Oliver was the first in the Stuttgart area to do precision leveling on his farmland. And his interests in farming extended beyond technical aspects to a concern for soil and water conservation. His interest in preserving the history of farm equipment led to the establishment of an agriculture museum of old tractors located just behind his farm equipment business. The museum has an excellent collection of tractors, including some of the earliest models. Donald Oliver and his family have been named “Arkansas County Farm Family of the Year,” “District Farm Family of the Year,” and “Arkansas Farm Family of the Year.” The White Farm Machinery Corporation and Allis-Chalmers Corporation recognized Mr. Oliver for representing the Memphis region on their boards and for his cooperation in filming “The Story of American Rice.” Mr. Oliver served for many years as a justice of the peace and has been an active member in the First Christian Church. He has participated in numerous organizations, including Farm Bureau, American Legion, VFW, Ducks Unlimited and the Arkansas Soybean Association.