Arkansas-based poultry firm George’s Inc. traces its history back to the 1920s, when Gary George’s grandfather, C.L. George, opened a small general store and began hauling live poultry to customers in Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago. Almost 100 years later, George’s Inc. is a fourth-generation, privately held company with operations in multiple states, more than 4,700 employees and sales close to $1 billion. Much of the company’s tremendous growth has occurred over the past three decades under the leadership of Gary George. George is now chairman of the board of George’s Inc., but he was first appointed president of George’s Inc. and its subsidiaries in 1980 at the age of 30, after several years working in sales and other positions at the company. In 1994, he was named chief executive officer. Throughout his years guiding the company, George adhered to the vision established by his forebears: “to set the standard by providing consistently quality poultry products worldwide every day.” George graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1972, with a degree in business administration. He went right to work for George’s Inc., which was then led by his father, Gene, and he proudly admits that was always his intention and “nothing else ever crossed my mind.” Through the years, George has held positions in a variety of industry organizations, including the Arkansas Poultry Federation, the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, the American Egg Board and the National Chicken Council. He has also been active in civic groups such as Northwest Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute and the Springdale Water and Sewage Commission, and has served appointed terms on the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission and the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, where he also served a term as chairman. He currently sits on the board of J.B. Hunt Company and is chairman of the board of Legacy National Bank. George now oversees his sons Carl and Charles, who share the duties of CEO and president of George’s Inc.